“Dear Mr. Koontz:
I want to let you know what a wonderful program you offer to students preparing to take or retake the ACT with your Koontz Cram Course. Each of my children flew from Pendleton, Oregon to Maryville, Tennessee (where they have relatives) to take your course; my son in June of 2015 and my daughter in June of 2018. In each case my child increased his/her ACT score to meet their goal for the college admissions process. The format of your course seems particularly helpful compared to other ACT review programs. The intensive study, multiple sets of practice materials, online video assistance, instruction from professional educators, and easy-to-use testing strategies make your course stand out from others I had investigated for my children. Please know how much my son and daughter benefited from your program. Best wishes as you expand the Koontz Cram Course beyond East Tennessee.”

—Sincerely, Ann Vescio
Principal Weston Middle School Weston, Oregon

“Dear Mr. Koontz, Thank you for this awesome class! I had taken the ACT twice before I took your class and my score had gone down 2 points on the second one (from a 27 to a 25) and I got very discouraged. After that, we decided to give your class a try and I could not be more happy! On the test I took directly after the course my score went up 3 points to a 30! A few months later when I took the ACT again I gained another point bringing my score up to a 31 and my superscore up to a 33! This allowed me to earn 2,000 more dollars through the Volunteer Scholarship at UT! I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone who is not fully satisfied with their score!”

— Thank you!, Erin Strickland
Bearden High School

“Mr. Koontz, I wanted to write and thank you for all the hard work that you and the rest of the staff put into making the Koontz Cram Course so successful. I greatly appreciate everything you do in order to help students succeed on the ACT exam. The classes were very helpful when my daughter, Toni Matheson, was studying for the test. Her goal was to raise her score, and thanks to your staff and the course, she raised it from a 24 to a 27. She enjoyed the classes and her score went up in every section of the ACT. We both directly attribute her success to your course! Again, thank you for offering this course and helping Toni with her goals! ”

—Sincerely, Eva Matheson

“Dear Mr. Koontz, Hello, my name is Samuel Thomas and I took the Koontz Cram Course for September 2018, and Dr. Lee encouraged us at least a dozen times to contact the staff with our scores. So, I am very happy and excited to say I improved my composite from a 29 to a 34, giving me eligibility for the highest level of the Volunteer Scholarship at UTK, which was my goal for taking the course in the first place. I thank you and the staff immensely for the hard work and effort put in to making sure I do well on the test. Because of your course, I have greatly improved my chances of being accepted as well as being granted scholarships.”

— Sincerely, Samuel Thomas

“Mr. Koontz, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity that you provide our kids when they take your class to succeed beyond their own expectations on the ACT. My oldest son jumped to a 31 immediately after taking your class and then went on to finish with a 34 on his next ACT test. My middle child had already taken it twice and scored a 27 and a 28. He jumped to a 31 immediately after taking your class and I truly believe he just needed someone to teach him how to manage his time on the test. I look forward to seeing his scores on his last attempt in February as I expect them to rise again.

I wouldn’t hesitate to to recommend your class to anyone who is interested in making a significant change in their ACT scores. The school system has laid the groundwork for a strong score and your class allows them to take the test as a relaxed confident student. As a parent, I truly appreciate what your class offers our kids. You will be seeing my youngest child in a few years.”

—Sincerely, Julie Smith
(Maryville High School Parent)

“I am an absolute believer in the Koontz Cram Course. My son took the Act without any preparation and when we weren’t completely satisfied with his score, we decided to give this course a try!! I am so glad we did! My son was able to raise his overall composite score by 6 points!!!

This far exceeded my expectations!! Six points is huge and has made a big difference in the amount of scholarship dollars he will be awarded when he begins his college career! A small investment in this course will end up saving us about 20 times of that investment with scholarship dollars.  So if you ask me if it’s worth the money... absolutely!! I have 3 more children and they will all take this course! Thank you so much Koontz Cram Course and all of the instructors!!”

— Sincerely, Rebecca Lowe

“Our daughter took the June cram course and the June ACT. She got her scores last night and I'm thrilled to report her score  jumped 3 points to a 31! The course is well worth the cost as the score increase will put her in a more competitive position for scholarships. She is heading into senior year with one less thing to stress about. Thank you.

As a parent and as a college/career counselor at a public high school I know from personal experience the Koontz Cram Course can make an impact on your child's ACT score!”

— Anna Graham
(Hardin Valley Academy)

“Mr. Koontz,
...I wanted to thank you for providing Preston with an amazing prep course. Taking the ACT in December, I was a little concerned with him taking it again so soon (in April). I wanted him to be able to recall the geometry and algebra 2 and I was afraid if he waited to take it as a junior he might forget. I admit I was skeptical at the claim you could move him higher. However, we received his scores and he made perfect scores in English, Reading, and Science. Math was lower, but still high enough to give him a 34 composite as a sophomore. Your course was personalized enough to give him every advantage. The price is so reasonable for what is provided. Thanks for designing a great course and for helping Preston learn stats this year. He may never be a "math" kid but he enjoys the challenge!”

— Anita Franklin
(Maryville High School)

“Hi Mr. Koontz,
My name is Galina Sorensen, and my daughter Angelina took your June course earlier this month. I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the results! Her composite score jumped from a 29 to a 32, which is very good for her seeing as we're depending on scholarships to pay for most of her college education. Her English subtest score stayed at a 35, math went from a 27 to a 30, reading from a 27 to a 32, and science from a 23 to a 32! I was a little hesitant when she asked me to pay for the Cram Course at first, but I can now see how much it helped her (especially with that science section...). She may very well be back later in the year to see if she can raise her composite score a little more. Thank you and your staff so much!!! 

(Side note: I don't think she mentioned this in her email to you, but that ballet story you told really hit home with her. She was very nervous before the test and she is also a dancer in the Nutcracker and such, so hearing the success story of that girl who did a dance warmup before the ACT stuck with her, and she did a full warmup Saturday morning to calm her nerves. Needless to say, it worked). Thanks again,”

— Galina Sorensen,
(Maryville, TN)

“The Koontz Cram Course just catapulted my son into a whole different scholarship realm. My husband and I could not be more pleased with the strategies and tools that the program provided for my son to do well on the ACT. He went into the test with confidence and knowledge that helped him raise his score significantly after maintaining the same score the FOUR previous times he'd taken the test. I'm now a huge believer in the efficacy of this product! It's worth the investment!!

Shout out to Cheryl Ann Lunsford Janzen and Carrie Ivester for their instruction in this amazing program!”

— Sandy Akiona
(Cleveland State)

“We wanted to tell you how pleased we are that our daughter participated in the Koontz ACT Cram Course. She had taken the ACT previously and had a score of 31. After taking the Koontz Cram Course, she improved her score by 4 points making a 35 on the ACT. We were concerned that this course would interfere with her already hectic junior academic schedule, but she enjoyed the course and was able to manage her time without problems. She learned test-taking strategies that she will continue to use throughout her educational career. We highly recommend this course!”

— Bill and Elizabeth Pedersen

“Thank you so much for this fabulous act prep class! Our daughter retook the Koontz course in February and raised her math score 7 points and her science score 5 points. The course gave her strategies and confidence she needed to conquer test anxiety. We are very thankful!”

— Julia and Matt Jinks
(Maryville Christian School)

“Many thanks to the Koontz Cram Course instructors. My daughter's composite score increased by 5 points with a significant gain in every subject ranging from 3-7 points. She was very pleased with the time management strategies that she learned, which were very helpful in Reading and Science The gain in her scores will allow her wider range of college choices with scholarship opportunities and Honors program eligibility. We both feel very strongly that KCC was worth her time investment and certainly our financial investment..”

— Kellie Calloway,
(Parent of Senior at Webb School of Knoxville)

“Talk about a success story!!! I am so very thankful for the ACT prep class provided by Koontz Cram Course. My daughter took this class in October 2016. She raised her composite score 8 points, but it raised her score in individual focuses from 4-10 points. Yes, you read that right. She had 3 of them that raised by at least 7 points and one that raised 10 points. Again, we are forever grateful for this course and highly recommend it. This will open many opportunities for her future!!”

— Thank you,
Lori Bales
(Gibbs High School)

“To Whom it may Concern, I would like to say Thank you for your ACT cram course. My daughter took your course and was able to raise her score by three points over all. She raised her English score six points and Reading came up four points. Ashlin struggles some with test taking and found your approach very helpful. As a parent it is my responsibility to make sure I have helped my children in all they do and you made this step very easy for me, with two locations it made it easy for Ashlin to get there each night for her class. I would recommend this course to anyone that would like to raise their ACT score, it has helped my daughter to raise her score and apply to the college of her choice. Sincerely.”

— Sky Creasman,
(Meigs County High School, TN)

“I just wanted to highly recommend the Koontz Cram Course. Our daughter had previously taken a 2 month review course and only raised her ACT score one point after that review course. She took the Koontz Cram Course and her ACT score went up 4 points !!!!! It helped tremendously with the ACT and test taking skills in general. Thank you for providing this course for our students. Jim and Wilma Proffitt”

— Jim and Wilma Proffitt
(Maryville, TN)

“I wanted to write and thank you and your team for helping my son raise his ACT score. My son's first attempt at the test did not go well. It took quite a bit of convincing for him to attend your course, because he felt his plate was already full with school, homework and spring football practice. Tiring is the word he used to describe the week, but hopeful he was more prepared for the upcoming test. Two weeks after taking the ACT his test scores arrived and all the hours and hard work had paid off. His composite score increased by 5 points, his English by 11 and all other areas by 3 points. Fantastic results, we are extremely pleased with the scores he achieved after attending your course. I highly recommend the Koontz Cram Course. ”

— Wendy Quigg,
(Maryville, TN)

“A co-worker suggested the Koontz Cram Course to me one day when I was talking to her about my twin sons being very academically inclined, yet they were not the best at standardized testing. After her positive experience, my husband and I decided to enroll our sons in the course last June in Maryville. They were able to learn tips on test taking and the course resulted in their best ACT scores. Our sons raised their composite scores by 4 points and 2 points and one son raised his subscore in English by 7 points! This course was wonderful and I highly recommend it to any parent with a child currently in high school.”

— Jana Pankey,
(Cleveland, TN)

“We were extremely pleased with the Koontz Cram Course. My daughter took the one week course in the summer so that she could devote the week to intensive preparation for the ACT. She had taken the ACT twice before but after completing the Koontz Cram Course, she raised her ACT score by five points! This placed her in a very competitive position for college scholarships! This course was developed by a high school teacher at Maryville High School. I am familiar with many students there who experienced similar success stories. The test taking skills that my daughter learned through this course also benefited her later when she took her PCAT exam for pharmacy admission. It was money WELL SPENT!”

— Susan Webb Curtis,
(Cleveland, TN)

“As we all know, ACT scores can make a huge difference in what scholarships are given and what schools accept students. For this reason, we encouraged our daughter to take the Koontz cram course after she scored slightly above average the first attempt. We were thrilled when her scores came back a full three points higher than her first attempt! With this ETSU will allow her in the Scholars Dorms, and give thousands more in scholarships - things we as parents consider extremely valuable. Thanks to all the fine proven teachers at the Koontz Cram Course that helped us save a ton of money and helped our daughter believe she can be successful with hard work in college.”

— Chase and Karen Vandervelde,
(Maryville, TN)

“My daughter had taken the ACT once as a sophomore and scored a 31 which we knew was a great score. However, in order to be seriously considered by the more competitive universities for both acceptance and scholarship money, we know that each point of score improvement can really pay off in the long run. That being said, my daughter was not initially thrilled to spend five evenings of her summer attending the Koontz Cram Course, but after the first session of KCC, it was clear to her that the effort would pay off. We were so impressed by the simple yet effective test taking tips and strategies that she learned. These tips and strategies not only paid off with 2 additional points on her ACT score but I believe will pay off on every standardized test she takes throughout high school and college. My other two children will also take KCC when the time come!”

— Vallie Collins

“Dear Steve, Thank you and your team for the time and effort you invest in students who attend your ACT Prep Course. You make a difference. Our daughter is smart, works hard, and does well in school. However, test-taking is not always the best way to see what an amazing person she is and what she is capable of as a student. Time with your instructors gave her a boost in ACT skills and self confidence to do well. Previously, she had taken the ACT a couple of times and raised her composite score 1 point each time. However, after your course, her composite increased 4 points above her previous top score. She is now eligible for the higher HOPE scholarship and the honors program at her college of choice. Test taking is a game - you need to know the rules, practice, and have a good coach to do well. You and the Koontz Cram Course team are amazing coaches offering insight and test-taking strategy. We appreciate you and will send our next high-schooler to your course.”

— Sincerely,
Mary Louise & Greg

“We are so thankful for all of the hard work the Koontz Cram Course teachers put in to helping our daughter, Elizabeth improve her ACT score by 6 points. She took the test as a young Junior, without much sleep or preparation and scored an average score. With all of the testing preparation done with the teachers, she was able to improve her score enough to qualify for a large scholarship which made it possible for her to attend a private Christian University. Without the big improvement in her scores, she would not have been able to attend her dream college. We felt like Mr. Koontz and the other teachers went above and beyond to make sure that Elizabeth was well prepared. Thank you so much for all of your help!”

— Sincerely,
Keith & Cathy Moore
(Maryville HS)

“When my son took the ACT for the first time, he had an average score like most students. The problem was that to be competitive his score needed to be higher. We found out about Koontz Cram Course and signed-up for the class during the summer. The word that comes to mind is "WOW"!! He came out of the class with new skills in taking the ACT. He took the ACT test right after your class and felt new confidence in himself. When we got his test results — it showed! His ACT score rose 5 points, which we were very excited about! Thank you so much for making a difference and helping build confidence along the way. I plan to recommend this class to friends because of the impact it had on our life and what it could bring to them. I believe this class works to prepare high school seniors to succeed in whatever higher education they pursue.”

— Elizabeth S.,
(Maryville, TN)

“Dear Mr. Koontz and Staff:

We would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for the valuable tools my daughter learned taking the Koontz Cram Course. Taylor was able to raise her ACT scores by 4 points, which in turn, raised her academic scholarship by several thousand dollars. The reviews for the math section, especially the geometry and algebra II was especially helpful since it had been several years since she had taken these classes. Although the course is intense, and time consuming, the review of each subject as well as the test taking tips for each section was well worth her time. We would highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to raise their ACT scores.”

— Thank you again,
Jeff and Donna Hatmaker,
(Oak Ridge High School)

“Dear Mr. Koontz and staff,

I can't thank each of you enough for the prep course. We expected that our daughter would improve her score, but we were elated that she added FOUR POINTS, improving at least 2 points in each category. The specific tips about the testing process and how to make the most of her time made the difference for her. The content review gave her additional confidence because she realized that she knew the material and just needed to concentrate on her test-taking strategy. What a return on investment! We have a younger son and we will definitely enroll him in KCC also!”

— Russell and Julie George

“Thank you so much for the program that you have developed to help students take the ACT test. Our son, Robby, has taken your course on two different occasions. He has taken the ACT three times - twice as a Junior and the last time as a Senior. The first time he took the test as a Junior, he had a score of 21. He felt that he could do much better. Your course was recommended to us as a great option for students to improve their scores. After taking your course, he took the ACT a second time as a Junior and did have an improvement in his score from a 21 to a 22.

Once again, he felt that this was not his best and not the score that he wanted to have as he prepared college applications. As a Senior, he prepared to take the test one last time - hoping to bring his score up at least 2-3 more points. In preparation for this, he once again took the Koontz Cram Course. After following many of the tips and suggestions that are taught in the Cram course, Robby was amazed to find that he scored a 27 on this final ACT. Wow! Up 5 points! With a score of 27, this put Robby on a whole different level as he applied to colleges. He has been accepted to every college to which he applied and has had generous scholarship offers from all of them. We have been more than satisfied and happy with the help that he received with the Cram Course techniques taught.

Thank you, once again, for designing a course that prepares students in such a great way for a difficult test. It certainly helped Robby!”

— Ray and Carol Bellgrau

“A great investment

Our twin sons took the Koontz Cram Course as rising seniors just prior to a June ACT date. Although they weren't extremely thrilled with enrolling in an academic class just days after finishing the school year they understood the importance, gave a strong effort to what was being taught, and even said they enjoyed the instructors and the classes. Both came out of the test stating it was more difficult than the first test they took and they were concerned that they had scored less than their original score. We all were pleased when their scores came back 3 points higher than the original 27 score they earned. Reaching the 30 has qualified them for a number of merit scholarships they would have otherwise not been considered for. A great investment that returns not only in lower tuition but self confidence.”

— Willie and Brenda Wallace,
(Maryville, TN)

“Our son's first composite ACT score was 27. While we thought this was great we believed that he could do better. His weakness was in the Reading and English portions of the test. We decided to enroll him in the Koontz Cram Course after hearing good things about it.  This turned out to be money very well spent as his composite ACT score jumped to a 32. He was able to raise his scores across the board in English, Math, Reading and Science, with his lowest score being a 29 in the Reading portion of the test. He learned valuable test taking strategies and felt more confident going into the test the second time around. We know this improvement will help with scholarship money and increase our son's college choices. We can highly recommend the Koontz Cram Course.

We used the Koontz Cram Course before with our oldest child and had great success. We were eager to use the course again with our youngest child because we felt that he could perform better than his first attempt at the ACT. The results were pretty much the same as with our oldest child. We saw an increase of 4 points on the composite score with an increase in all categories. The students definitely learn valuable test taking skills after going through the course, and we are very pleased with the results our son achieved.”

— Shelby and Chuck Rowan

“Dear Mr. Koontz:

Thank you so much for ALL you taught our daughter through your ACT Cram Course. She learned many valuable tools that helped her increase her composite score from 26 to 30 and her scores in every sub-test from 2 to 7 points! We were very concerned about how her car accident the night before the ACT would affect her performance, but because of all of the valuable tips from you and the instructors, she still managed to perform very well, in our opinion! We had heard many great comments from former Halls students regarding your course, and it is well worth the money by far! Her new score of 30 has opened up many more possibilities for scholarships. We have you all to thank for that, so THANK YOU SO MUCH! She has also used many of your suggestions and tips to prepare for tests for her regular classes and has said that the course has been helpful even for that purpose. Thank you again for helping our daughter increase her composite score by 4 points. We are so grateful to you.”

— Pam, Chelsea's mom
(Halls High School)

“Our son, Nicholas Blair, took the Koontz Cram Course and ACT test in June 2011. We were already pleased with his previous score of 31, but he was very determined to take the course and then re-take the ACT to improve his score. His goal was to increase it by two points. When he received his results, he was shocked and extremely pleased that his score went up four points to a 35! The Koontz Cram Course is HIGHLY recommended. Our son learned valuable strategies to better study for the test and to prepare him for test day. If anyone asks us about KCC, we will enthusiastically recommend it. Thanks!”

— Marty and Shelly Blair

“My daughter Angela took your crash course at Seymour in December before taking the ACT test. She had a good score before with a 28 but her goal was to get a score of 32 on the test. She felt the course gave her knowledgeable skills that she could take with her the day of the test to help improve her score. When we received her scores she had reached her goal score of 32! Four points better than her last test score, an increased score in every category and a high enough score to be eligible for academic scholarship money. We are so proud of her and all her hard work. For other parents, this is a must take course if you want your child to improve their score. According to Angela, the instructors knew what was needed to help the students improve and gave them the tools to do it. It was more than worth the cost of the class.”

— Michele Karl

“I heard about the Koontz Cram Course from friends and received an informational letter which was quite persuasive. However I must admit, I was skeptical that this (or any) course could raise ACT scores so dramatically. Yet, my daughter was encouraged by the letter and was interested in signing up. So, being familiar with most of the instructors and knowing them to be exceptionally high caliber, my husband and I decided to register her for the course. The "cram" week was intense and the hours long, but we all agree that the results were well worth the effort. Our daughter, Mary Beth, raised her composite score by 4 points! Please extend our sincere appreciation to all the KCC instructors. We are happy to endorse this as a program that worked for us!”

— Cynthia and Scott Spitler

“I just wanted to write a letter of appreciation and let you know that your program was a huge success for my son, Blake. We were a little apprehensive about the course and were concerned that we might be wasting our money, but we were so wrong!!! Blake loved the course and the instructors, and he learned so many techniques and so much information. He actually had fun and enjoyed the classes, but the best part was he was able to increase his score by 4 points, Wow!!! Not only was our money well spent, we gained about $1500 in scholarship money. Please tell your staff in Oak Ridge that they did a great job, and we will tell everyone we can about your program. May God continue to bless you and your staff!”

— Barbara Houser

“Dear Steve, We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our son's experience in your Cram Course. His first ACT score was 24. After taking your course (and even having to miss one night b/c of a school assignment), his second score was 30. All sub-scores were higher, Reading by 12 points. Thank you for the expertise, knowledge and care demonstrated by your staff. Blessings.”

— Annie & Craig

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