Reading Course

Reading Course

Reading Course

Reading Course

Online Course Description

For many students who read and process information more slowly, the ACT Reading test can seem like an impossible and very frustrating task to complete. But with the Koontz Cram Course, students learn the content knowledge and strategies needed to help make the demanding pace of the ACT Reading test more manageable.

Students will learn how to address the ACT reading passages in a way that will help them be more likely to actually finish the test without having to guess on so many questions at the end.

The package includes audio/visual presentations of a Reading lecture created by our ACT Reading experts that details how to crack the types and styles of questions the ACT Reading Test always asks. The package also includes videos for individual Reading passages for several practice tests corresponding to the Red ACT workbook so that students can analyze and correct mistakes they make and learn strategies to answer those question types correctly in the future. Students will find additional resources in our Koontz Cram Course study guide.

Our experts also teach time and pacing strategies to help students navigate through the test in a way that makes them more likely to increase their score.

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Online Courses Include:

  • ACT® Workbook
  • Online audio/visual tutorials
  • Four ACT® practice tests
  • 180 Day Access to all materials
  • Koontz Cram Course Study Guide

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