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Currently only offered in East Tennessee.

The Koontz Cram Course™ Includes:

  • Tuition $385 (books included)
  • Full-length practice test with error analysis
  • Class limited to 24 students
  • Staff has over 150 years of teaching experience
  • Convenient class locations in Maryville, West Knoxville, and Cleveland State Community College

2020 ACT® Test and Koontz Cram Course™ Class Start Dates

ACT® Test DateMaryville
Maryville College*
West Knoxville
King University*
Cleveland State
Cleveland State Community College*
Dec. 14thDec. 7 (8:45am–2:00pm)
Dec. 9–12 (6:00–9:00pm)
< Day 1 meets with Maryville class Dec. 9-12 (6:00–9:00pm)Dec. 7 (8:45am–2:00pm)
Dec. 9-12 (6:00–9:00pm)
Feb. 8thJan. 25 (8:45am–2:00pm)
Jan. 27, 29 (6:00–9:00pm)
Feb. 3, 5 (6:00–9:00pm)
No ClassNo Class
Apr. 4th
Mar. 28 (8:45am–2:00pm)
Mar. 30–31 (6:00–9:00pm)
Apr. 1–2 (6:00–9:00pm)
< Day 1 meets with Maryville class Mar. 28 (8:45am–2:00pm)
Mar. 30–31 (6:00–9:00pm)
Apr. 1–2 (6:00–9:00pm)
Mar. 21 (8:45am–2:00pm)
Mar. 23–26 (6:00–9:00pm)
June 13thJune 6 (8:45am–2:00pm at Airport Hilton)
June 8–9 (5:00–8:00pm at Airport Hilton)
June 10–11 (5:00–8:00pm at Airport Hilton)
< Day 1 meets with Maryville class June 6 (8:45am–2:00pm)
June 8-11 (9:00am-Noon)
June 6 (8:45am–2:00pm)
June 8–11 (9:00am–Noon)
July 18thJuly 11 (8:45am–2:00pm)
July 13–14 (6:00–9:00pm)
July 15–16 (6:00–9:00pm)
No ClassNo Class
Registration deadlines for 2020 are available on the ACT website.

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